by Leto

I've always really liked to sing. But better than that, to have other people listen to me sing. Bein' a performer, a famous musician, that was definitely possible, right?

Guess not. Because I'm the only one who can hear my song. To me, it sounds great, but maybe I'm not a good judge, 'cos everyone else seems to get bored by it. And they all fall asleep. Every single time, without fail.

What's the point of having a nice singing voice if nobody could hear it? I don't wanna be a Pokemon. We can't have any good points unless they're for battle. Abra can teleport. That's used in battle. Fearow can fly. That's used in battle. And we can sing. That's used in battle. But unlike Abra or Fearow, it's ONLY used in battle.

I should be proud. It's not everyone who has such a powerful attack. But I don't want it!

I heard trainers talking one day. They said that if a Pokemon gets stronger and learns more attacks, it can forget its old ones.

I want to do that a lot.

So, I follow those three humans to a lot of places. They seem to have lots of adventures, and I go anywhere where I could maybe meet a battle, do some fighting, get some exercise... get stronger.

Jigglypuff are not by nature adventurous. We're not well equipped to defend ourselves as some Pokemon. But I don't mind being different if I can lose my best attribute, which is also my curse.

Occasionally I wonder, though. If I lose singing as an attack, does that mean I'll lose it entirely? A Jigglypuff is only half a Jigglypuff without a voice.

I hafta take the risk! Not going to keep on like this, finding a perfect opportunity to perform and then having no audience. It's the biggest insult, to fall asleep during someone's concert. I know it's not really their fault, but it makes me so MAD. Don't they even care? I'm not in a battle, I'm just singing.

I never fall asleep, so why should they...

And why does the only thing I'm good at make those humans run away from me and block their ears?

Does my lullaby sound that bad to them?

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